Make & Model - Matthew Martin Custom 500TiCf
Materials - Grade 23 ELI 6AL-4V titanium, carbon fiber
Length - 5.1 inches capped, 5.8 inches posted
Weight - 1.3 ounces
Ink Cartridge - Fisher Space Pen (black)
MSRP - $195

Matthew, the son of famed knife-maker RJ Martin, built this pen from carbon fiber and Grade 23 Extra Low Interstitial (ELI) titanium, an alloy used in surgical implants due to its toughness. The pen includes a sharp striking tip and comes with optional rubber O-rings, which fit into grooves on the body for added grip. It accepts a Fisher Space Pen or Parker-style cartridge with the included titanium spacer inside the body; remove the spacer, and the pen can accept a larger Pilot G2 gel cartridge.

– Available in exotic materials and finishes
– Compatible with Pilot G2 gel cartridges
– Made in the USA

– Attaching the cap requires dexterity due to the short and fine threads
– Manufactured in small batches

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