Make & Model - Mechanix Wear The Original Glove Light
Weight - 4.5 oz
Sizes - Small to XX-Large
Battery Type - AAAA (2)
MCD Rating - 25,000
Average Runtime - 14 hr
Range - not listed
MSRP - $39.99
Notes - Mechanix is already known the world over for its industry-leading work gloves. It was only a matter of time when it paired them up with a light to help get things done in the dark. The Original Glove Light comes with a rubberized single, 8mm LED light unit that can be transferred from either glove. Mounted via hook-and-loop fasteners, the light unit is easily activated with gloved hands by pressing on its top-positioned power button. When trying the gloves out, we found that the light being on the back of the hand to be useful, while having its drawback, as well. While tinkering with a small repair job, we found that the light cannot directly cover the space where your fingers work. The ambient light it gave off helped, but not as much as direct lighting would have. The light is a good secondary hands-free light; the fact that it is attached to protective gloves is a huge bonus.
Features - 8mm white LED
Detachable light is repositionable to either glove
Machine-washable glove is made of spandex, synthetic leather, and thermal plastic rubber

Alternative Hands-Free Lights

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