Make & Model - Nightstick Dual-Switch Dual-Light
Max. Lumen Output - 60
Max. Runtime - 3 hrs
Overall Length - 5.3 in
Weight with Batteries - 2.4 oz
Battery Type - AAA (2, included)
Controls - Dual constant-on push-button switches
MSRP - $10

The Dual-Switch Dual-Light flashlight has two switches located on its polymer body that offer the user a choice of powering its white light flashlight, red light floodlight, or both at the same time. Its compact oval housing is water resistant and features a soft touch finish. The flashlight's white light is emitted from its end, while the floodlight's red light shines through a window on the side of the body, allowing multiple lighting techniques depending on your situation. It's lightweight and includes a pocket clip.

Pros: Two lights can be operated independent of one another, quite affordable

Cons: No momentary-on switch capability

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