Make & Model - Pelican 2365 Flex-Neck
Claimed Maximum Brightness - 65 lumens
Claimed Maximum Runtime - 7 hrs.
Overall Length - 21.9 in.
Weight with Batteries - 9.2 oz.
Battery Type - AA (two, not included)
Controls - Push-button tail cap with momentary-on and constant-on modes
Output Modes - N/A
Special Features - 14-inch flexible neck, removable magnetic mount
MSRP - $59

This light's signature feature is its 2-foot-long flexible neck, which contorts like a crazy straw to provide illumination at any angle. Unlike the other lights in this guide, the Flex-Neck doesn't have a built-in magnet; instead, it includes a removable magnetic cradle. The magnet is strong and effective, but feels like an accessory rather than integral to the light. However, for hands-free use on the move, we found that it's possible to bend the light into a horseshoe shape and place it around your neck — it works almost as well as a headlamp in this configuration, although you'll need to adjust it periodically to your line of sight. The 65-lumen output doesn't sound like much, but it seems substantially brighter than we expected due to the clear and soft beam pattern. This would make a great shop light, but EDC portability isn't its strong suit.

– Bendy neck helps give you light from the exact angle you need
– Works surprisingly well as a headlamp substitute

– Batteries not included
– Magnet is effective, but feels like an afterthought.
– Excess neck length gets in the way when you're not using it

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