Make & Model - Pelican 2380R
Claimed Maximum Brightness - 305 lumens
Claimed Maximum Runtime - 25 hours
Minimum Length - 6.5 inches
Maximum Length - 6.9 inches
Weight with Batteries - 6.7 ounces
Battery Type - 18650 (one, included) or CR123 (two, not included)
Controls - Push-button tail cap switch with momentary-on and constant-on modes
Output Modes - High, strobe, low
Special Features - Slide-Beam dual reflectors, removable pocket clip, IPX7 waterproof, micro-USB charging port with protective rotating collar, charge status indicator LED, spacer sleeve for CR123 batteries
MSRP - $110

This beam-focusing light from Pelican feels rock-solid, with an all-aluminum body that's O-ring-sealed and IPX7 waterproof. It's on the larger and heavier end of the spectrum for pocket-carry flashlights, but the strong carbon steel clip keeps it securely retained. The 2380R is USB-rechargeable via a micro-USB port, shielded by a rotating metal collar below the bezel. Speaking of the bezel, sliding it forward and backward adjusts the beam pattern with a nested dual-reflector system similar to that of the Fenix FD30. Also like the Fenix, this optic design results in a fairly consistent outer region of light and an adjustable central hotspot. Overall, the Pelican is a strong contender in this field that we wouldn't hesitate to carry.

-The textured aluminum body feels hefty and durable
-USB-rechargeable with dual-battery compatibility
-IFully waterproof with a sturdy metal collar that protects the charging port

-Not as bright as we'd hope for from a light this size
-Any setting between full spotlight and full floodlight produces a noticeable halo effect, with a dark spot in the center of the beam pattern.
-The bezel could use more texture to aid one-handed adjustment.

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