Make & Model - Pelican PM6 3320
Max. Lumen Output - 81
Max. Runtime - 1.5 hrs.
Overall Length - 5.27 in.
Weight with Batteries - 3.45 oz.
Battery Type - CR123A (2, included)
Controls - Constant on/momentary tail-cap push-button switch
MSRP - $46

You might recognize the Pelican brand from their famous line of polymer hard cases that the military is known to use. Lucky for us, they've brought their expertise for making rugged plastic items into their line of flashlights. According to Pelican, the PM6 3320's body is made of Xenoy, a lightweight, corrosion-proof, and extremely strong polymer. Couple the durable body with a Xenon lamp and what you get is a long-life, hard-use flashlight.

Pros: Affordable, easy one-handed operation, durable housing

Cons: Low runtime, single light mode

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