Material - HALT (Highly Advanced Laminate Technology) barrier
Weight - 1.9 pounds (extra large)
Colors - Black, LAPD navy (shown)

Designed in particular for law enforcement, public safety, and fire professionals, the Defender Gamma is a relatively heftier jacket for that purpose. The HALT barrier is windproof, waterproof, and breathable. It sports cargo pockets with top flap and open side compartments, as well as an internal zippered pocket. Cuffs are elastic with a two-position snap tab. For duty use, the jacket has badge and microphone tabs as well as epaulets.

Pros: Available in regular and long lengths, and accepts the Defender Echo soft-shell as an inner liner. While the hood isn't adjustable except for a drawstring opening, it's contoured to avoid blocking peripheral vision, has a laminate visor for additional stiffness, and stows away in the collar with a waterproof zipper. The main zipper opens from the top or bottom for improved access to your belt or to make yellow snow.
Cons: During movement in testing, the jacket was a bit noisy in a squeaky way. It's bulkier than the other shells tested, and the main zipper depends on a storm flap. If you wear this jacket while not on duty, everyone will think you are.

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