Make & Model - Safariland Rapid Light System (RLS)
Claimed Max Brightness - 190 Lumens
Claimed Max Runtime - 2 hours
Overall Length - 4.6 inches
Weight with Batteries - 5.3 ounces
Battery - 3x AAA (included)
Controls - Tail cap switch
Output Modes - Constant-on, momentary-on
Construction / Mounting: Aluminum flashlight, polymer mount, locking swing arm (also includes quick-detach duty belt mount)
MSRP - $118

The Safariland RLS offers a unique configuration and manual of arms compared to traditional pistol lights. Rather than permanently attaching to a weapon rail, once you've unholstered your weapon, it slides on and rotates to lock in place on the right or left side of the gun. The tail cap switch can then be operated by the tip of your non-dominant hand's thumb, or by your index finger for one-handed use. It's easier to operate than hand-holding a regular flashlight, but it's substantially less streamlined than a smaller rail-mounted light. However, it could potentially serve as your primary flashlight, since it includes a belt mount and can be used independently of the pistol. Needless to say, it's nice to be able to illuminate things without pointing your muzzle at them. Unfortunately, as is often true of multi-purpose tools, this versatility results in compromises. Mostly, the RLS feels like a flashlight strapped to your pistol, rather than a natural extension of the gun.

Pros: Functions as both a standalone flashlight and a weapon light, Includes pocket clip and belt-mounting bracket for standalone use

Cons: Fairly good as a weapon light and as a handheld light, but not outstanding at either task, To use as a weapon light, you must first draw your gun, then grab the light and attach it to your pistol, Must remove from the gun before holstering

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