Make & Model - SureFire HL1-C-TN Helmet Light (older version pictured, multiple models available)
Weight - 3.1 oz
Battery Type - CR123A (1)
Lumen Rating - 19.2
Average Runtime - white low 48 hr / white high 6 hr; color low 96 hr; color high 20 hr
Range - not listed
MSRP - $190
Notes - The HL-1 comes in four different models, the colored LED lights being the only difference between them. The unit is currently in use with military units worldwide, so you know that it can withstand the abuses of a disaster scenario. The light isn't made to light up a large area; rather, it is made for the immediate workspace in front of you. There are two toggle switches that allow you to set the lights to your preferred settings and a single pushbutton switch to activate the lights. The HL-1 comes with a helmet mount, but we find it most useful when incorporated with the TangoDown Ball Cap Mount.
Features - Three light sources, three main white LEDs, two colored secondary LEDs, and one blinking infrared LED that serves as a personal Identify Friend or Foe (IFF) beacon
Colored LEDs available in red (shown), blue, yellow-green, and infrared
Two toggle and one pressure switch for customizable light output
Quick-detach helmet mount included

Head-Mounted Lights

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