Make & Model - SureFire Minimus (shown, multiple models available)
Weight - 3.3 oz
Battery Type - CR123A (1)
Lumen Rating - 1 to 100, variable
Average Runtime - low 50 hr / high 1.5 hr
Range - 137 ft
MSRP - $149
Notes - The Minimus features a Mil-spec hard-anodized aluminum body, which feels solid and ready for extreme duty. The light features a proprietary refractive optic that produces a smooth, wide beam optimized for your field of vision. At its brightest setting, it is more than capable of lighting up a large swath of area. To adjust lighting direction, the light can be vertically adjusted by the simple twist of the tubular body. Turning the light on, however, is a two-handed affair because turning the knob to power the light on inadvertently turns the entire body of the light, as well. You must hold the body in place, while turning the knob to keep the light's body from shifting position.
Features - Variable light-output dial controls light levels from 1 to 100 lumens
Light housing rotates horizontally 360 degrees
Comes with snap-on red filter to preserve night vision
Built-in SOS beacon

Head-Mounted Lights

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