Make & Model - SureFire Sidekick
Max Lumen Output - 300
Max Runtime - 45 hrs
Overall Length - 2.5 in.
Weight with Batteries - 1.4 oz.
Battery Type - Built-in lithium-ion battery with micro-USB charging
Controls - Push-button power switch
Output Modes - High, medium, low
Special Features - Large split ring, carabiner, micro-USB port
MSRP - $80

RECOIL OFFGRID “Top Pick” Award Winner

The Sidekick is what you'd expect from a traditional SureFire light, but in a much more compact package. It's designed and built here in the USA, and although it's not solid metal, it's easy to see that this light can take a beating. The chunky polymer case is as big as most keyless-entry car remotes, and feels sturdy. Its textured power button is firm enough to avoid accidental presses and large enough to use easily with gloves on. The beam is warm and even, and brightness levels ramp up smoothly. We will say that the rectangular shape and size of this light adds a fair amount of bulk to a keychain, so minimalists may prefer something smaller. It's also the most expensive light in our guide at $80, but it does deliver a high level of quality for the money spent.

Pros: Built like a tank, Made in the USA, USB rechargeable

Cons: Bulky despite being lightweight

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