Make & Model - SureFire Y300 Ultra
Claimed Maximum Brightness - 500 lumens
Claimed Maximum Runtime - 45 hrs.
Overall Length - 3.6 in.
Weight with Batteries - 4.4 oz. without clip
Battery Type - CR123 (two, included)
Controls - Ambidextrous toggle switch; press for momentary, twist for constant
Output Modes - High, low
Special Features - Magnetic base, magnetic belt clip with parallel or 90-degree mounting, removable metal two-way pocket clip, made in the USA
MSRP - $295

If you've ever used a SureFire pistol light, you may be experiencing deja vu. The Y300U-A closely resembles the weapon-mounted X300U-A with a key distinction: in place of a rail mount, there's a flat magnetic baseplate attached by four screws. This strong magnet can be used to stick the Y300 securely to surfaces or the included magnetic belt clip. There's also a two-way metal pocket clip permitting use of the light on webbing or the brim of a hat, but installation requires unscrewing the baseplate. The controls are similar to an X300; press forward on one of the switches for momentary-on, push up or down for constant-on. This works fine on a weapon, but feels clunky on a portable flashlight. While adaptable and well-made, the Y300 still feels like you're carrying a pistol light without the pistol. And don't expect a weapon mount adapter — SureFire's website clearly says this light is “not designed for weapon attachment.”

– Compact body, strong magnet, and dual clips provide many mounting options.
– Bright and clear beam
– Made in the USA

– Weapon-mounted controls are awkward without a weapon.
– Despite resembling a weapon-mounted light, no rail-mount adapter is available.

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