Make & Model - TOPS Knives Tac-Raze
Overall Length - 7.63 inches
Blade Length - 3.25 inches
Weight - 2.7 ounces
MSRP - $130

TOPS is well-known for its fixed-blade knives; the Tac-Raze is one of only three folding designs currently offered by the company. This American-made knife resembles a traditional straight razor, letting you channel Sweeney Todd as you draw it from the leather belt sheath with a flourish. The friction-folder's lack of a lock mechanism may feel alien at first, but a secure grip and downward pressure keeps it stable. The tumble-finished 1095 blade features a recurved profile and sits between heavily-textured G10 scales.

– Quite sharp out of the box; its high-carbon steel is extremely durable.
– Leather sheath fits the knife securely and can be mounted in vertical or horizontal configuration.

– While stylish, the friction-folder design is less practical and arguably less safe than a locking knife.
– Out of the box, the mechanism's friction was unnervingly light. However, this was easy to fine-tune by tightening the pivot screws.

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