Make & Model - TruGlo Tru-Point Red Laser/Light Combo
Claimed Max Brightness - 200 lumens
Claimed Max Runtime - Unlisted
Overall Length - 4 inches
Weight with Batteries - 5.6 ounces
Battery - 2x CR123 (included)
Controls - Forefinger switch (interchangeable LH or RH) or remote pressure switch, 3-position mode toggle switch
Output Modes - Momentary-on or constant-on; light, laser, or light/laser
Construction / Mounting - Aluminum, quick-detach lever with flathead screw adjustment
MSRP - $121

Extending nearly 1.5 inches past the muzzle and tipping the scales at over 1/3 pound, the TruGlo Tru-Point is the largest light we evaluated. Its 200-lumen light is passable, but not outstanding on its own, especially considering the size, weight, and center-heavy beam pattern. However, the Tru-Point does offer some appealing extra features. First, the light includes either a 650nm red laser (as seen here) or a 520nm green laser. A three-position switch on the tail cap toggles between light, laser, or light/laser. The tail caps are interchangeable for left- and right-handed shooters, and a third tail cap offers a pigtail wire with remote pressure switch, for use on rifles or shotguns. Removing the light is a snap thanks to an adjustable quick-detach lever. With all these features, it manages to remain affordable, but shouldn't be your first choice if illumination is your top priority.

Pros: Quick-detach lever makes installation and removal easy, Remote switch option allows use with long guns

Cons: Huge and heavy, Mediocre light output considering its large size

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