Make & Model - UZI Tactical LED Light Defender Pen
Colorway - Gunmetal
Lumen Output - High 18
Beam Options - High
Runtime - High 7-8 hrs
Bezel Diameter - 0.55 in
Overall Length - 5.9 in
Weight With Battery - 1.5 oz
Battery Type - CR927 (2, included)
Controls - Constant on twist tail cap, twist head for pen
Accessories - Pocket clip
MSRP - $30

Firearms enthusiasts will probably instantly recognize the name UZI. The makers of the legendary submachine gun, famously used by the Israeli Defense Forces and the United States Secret Service among other agencies, offers this multi-use penlight. Unlike the others in this guide, it is a real working pen. The sleek shape of its aluminum body also lends itself to be an effective self-defense striking tool as well. The LED flashlight located at the tail, powered by two tiny CR927 button cell batteries, isn't anything to write home about. However, it does have a very long runtime and can still be used to help find that contact lens you dropped on the conference room floor or help you pick out the correct key for that lock in dark areas.

Pros: Multiple uses including as a pen and striking tool

Cons: Flashlight is not very powerful. Uncommon battery type.

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