Make & Model - Viridian X5L Gen 2 Tactical Light with Green Laser
Claimed Max Brightness - 224 lumens
Claimed Max Runtime - 1 hour with laser and light, unlisted for light only
Overall Length - 2.8 inches
Weight with Batteries - 3.3 ounces
Battery - 1x CR123 (included)
Controls - Ambidextrous forefinger buttons
Output Modes - Constant-on or momentary-on activation with five modes. Light, laser, light with laser, strobe light with constant-on laser, pulsing laser, constant-on light with pulsing laser
Construction / Mounting - Aluminum and Zytel polymer, flathead/thumb screw
MSRP - $409

Let's get this out of the way first — this light/laser combination costs more than $400. Now that the sticker shock is addressed, we need to determine if the X5L's features justify that price. The flashlight is a 224-lumen LED behind a beam-focusing lens, activated in either momentary-on, or constant-on, or strobe mode with adjustable brightness and strobe rates. Viridian is primarily known for its green lasers, so it's no surprise that the X5L delivers one of these as well. The laser is visible in broad daylight, and can be set to pulse at a customizable rate to extend battery life. Flush-mounted ambidextrous buttons activate the light; press and hold either button for momentary-on mode; press both simultaneously to change modes. The latest Generation 2 X5L also includes Viridian ECR, a magnetic system that activates the light/laser instantly after drawing the gun from a compatible holster, though we tend to favor the shooter having direct control over activation. While the flashlight has a moderate blue tint, we didn't find any other notable flaws. Overall, the X5L proved it has the features to back up its price, and left us impressed.

Pros: Highly customizable light and laser functions, Made in the USA

Cons: Blue tint makes the light seem dimmer than it is

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