Overall Length - 16.5 inches
Blade Length - 10.5 inches
Blade Material - 1075 high-carbon steel
Weight - 1 pound, 9 ounces
Accessories - Nylon belt loop sheath, honing stone
URL - http://www.woodmanspal.com/

Crafted in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, the Military Premium by Woodman's Pal is also known under its original World War II-era designation, the LC-14-B. The unique design allows it to be a versatile multitool, whether you need to chop, saw, cut, or prune. The blade is 0.125-inch thick and is capable of cutting wood up to 1 inch in diameter with a single stroke. The sickle hook slices through stubborn brush and undergrowth. Bonus: it's handcrafted in the USA.

Pros: Leather-wrapped handle, steel knuckle guard, versatile
Cons: Craftsmanship is a bit rough in some spots

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