We're just over a week away from the premiere of ALONE Season 6 on the HISTORY Channel. It airs on Thursday, June 6th at 10/9C, if you're keeping track. While no TV show can truly convey the harsh reality of survival in the wilderness — something you can only experience firsthand — we've enjoyed previous seasons of ALONE. The show portrays the physical characteristics, gear, and (most importantly) the mentality required to overcome life-threatening conditions for an extended period.

As usual, Season 6 of ALONE will consist of ten participants who compete to survive for as long as possible, each with ten survival items selected from a specific gear list. The winner will claim a $500,000 prize. However, this season will be set in the Arctic near Great Slave Lake in Canada's remote Northwest Territories.

We previously wrote about this season shortly after its premiere date and trailer were published last month, but more information is now available. First, there's a new 2-minute First Look video, which you can watch below:

Second, we now have a full list of contestants, including their bio information and gear choices. Click each name to read more about the contestant on HISTORY's web site.

Tim Backus – Age 55 – Hunting Guide from Lubbock, TX

Nathan Donnelly – Age 39 – Disaster Preparedness Instructor from Lopez Island, WA

Donny Dust – Age 38 – Primitive Technology Instructor from Monument, CO

Jordan Jonas – Age 35 – Construction Worker from Lynchburg, VA

Barry Karcher – Age 39 – Self Defense Instructor from Fort Collins, CO

Ray Livingston – Age 43 – Search and Rescue K9 Handler from Vancouver, WA

Brady Nicholls – Age 36 – SERE Instructor from San Antonio, TX

Woniya Thibeault – Age 42 – Ancestral Skills Teacher from Grass Valley, CA

Nikki van Schyndel – Age 44 – Wilderness Guide from Echo Bay, British Columbia, Canada

Michelle Wohlberg – Age 31 – Homesteader from Mullingar, Saskatchewan, Canada

Based on this early info, some contestants sound more promising than others, but as we've seen in past seasons it could be anyone's game. The mental toughness to persevere through starvation and suffering is often the determining factor on this show, just as it could be in any survival scenario. For more updates on the show, go to History.com/shows/Alone or Facebook.com/Alone.

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