In the ever-evolving world of survival and preparedness, the wisdom of experience often provides the most valuable insights. For this reason, we've tapped into our community of avid readers as a resource for survival knowledge, and are sharing tips that stand out for their simplicity and effectiveness.  This Readers' Survival Tip is yet another tip from the great state of Texas and will help you level up your wild food game.

Readers' Bio

Name/Alias: Grim Workshop

Location: Texas

Age: 37

Photo of a Grim Workshop Survival card about how to make a 2L bottle trap. Submitted as a Readers Survival Tip.

Grim Workshops' Survival Tip

Using an old two liter bottle you can easily and quickly make an improvised trap for insects, or bait fish. Cutting the top off just as it starts to straighten out and inverting it so it points in towards the bottle. You can poke a few holes in it to wire, or zip tie the top on and poke some holes along the sides to help it sink easier. You can also throw some rocks into it so it sinks faster in the water (just don't forget to tie a line to it so you can check it regularly and not have it drift off!)

Photo of readers survival tip Grim Workshop survival card.

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