Many of us carry folding knives as part of our every-day carry gear, and there are countless reasons to do so. These small blades come in handy for all sorts of mundane daily tasks, including slicing open packages, removing zip-ties, and cutting up fruit for a mid-day snack. However, a folding knife can also be an incredibly powerful self-defense tool in emergency situations.

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With the proper techniques and training, the folding knife you carry can disable an armed attacker in the blink of an eye. Obviously, if you're able to run away from a deadly threat, that should be your top priority. But if there's nowhere else to go and you're in serious danger, knowing how to use the folding knife as a defensive tool can save your life.

Michael Janich uses a chunk of pork on a PVC pipe to demonstrate a knife's effect on flesh.

Michael Janich uses a chunk of pork on a PVC pipe to demonstrate a knife's devastating effect on human flesh.

In the following RECOILtv video, editor Patrick Vuong chats with Martial Blade Concepts founder Michael Janich about the effectiveness of a folding knife for self-defense. Janich is a frequent contributor to our magazine, and an expert at edged-weapon combatives.

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Even through thick jeans and with minimal effort, the blade cuts cleanly to the bone.

In this 5-minute clip, Janich demonstrates the power of a single strike with a sharp knife through thick clothes. The Spyderco Delica wharncliffe slashes straight down to the bone of his “pork man” flesh analogue. Janich then discusses how to cut an attacker's forearm and upper arm to disable the limb, and how to deal a finishing blow to the quadriceps muscle.

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