Make & Model - Fenix UC01
Max Lumen Output - 45
Max Runtime - 50 hrs.
Overall Length - 2.5 in.
Weight with Batteries: 0.5 oz.
Battery Type - Built-in lithium-polymer with micro-USB charging
Controls - Push-button switch with 0.5-second lockout delay
Output Modes - Low, medium, high
Special Features - Carabiner, small split ring, battery indicator LED, micro-USB port with dust cover
MSRP - $12

Fenix's UC01 is a slim rectangular keychain light with a flush-mounted LED on the leading edge. This layout results in an ultra-wide flood beam that radiates at nearly 180 degrees in all directions. A top-mounted button turns on the light after a half-second lockout delay, and then toggles between three brightness modes. The visual appeal of this light is a little lacking, since the blue and gray color scheme is your only choice unless you want translucent bright purple. It's also easy to turn on accidentally, despite the button's short lockout delay. This light would serve well for reading or walking around obstacles in the dark, but it's not ideal for long-distance visibility.

Pros: LED creates ultra-wide flood beam, USB rechargeable

Cons: Power button is easily accidentally pressed, Thin plastic keyring attachment point

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