Make & Model - Pelican 1810
Max Lumen Output - 16
Max Runtime - 8.75 hrs.
Overall Length - 1.5 in.
Weight with Batteries - 0.4 oz.
Battery Type - LR41 (four, included)
Controls - Twist-on bezel
Output Modes - N/A
Special Features - Carabiner, small split ring, metal Pelican logo tag
MSRP - $13

Are you the type of person who hates having a massive, cluttered keychain? If so, this may be the light for you. It's about as small as flashlights can conceivably get — just over half the size of the next smallest light in this guide — but still manages to produce a respectable 16 lumens. We're not big fans of short-lived button-cell batteries, but in an application of this scale, they're the only way to go. The 1810 would make a good backup to another EDC light, while adding almost no weight or bulk to your keyring. It also comes in five other anodized colors, so you can match your existing gear.

Pros: Extremely compact, Durable and water-resistant aluminum body

Cons: Limited light output and noticeable blue tint

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