Make & Model - Streamlight 3AA ProPolymer Dualie
Max Lumen Output - 140
Max Runtime - 18 hrs.
Overall Length - 7 in.
Weight with Batteries - 6.8 oz.
Battery Type - AA (three, included)
Controls - Dual Constant on/momentary side push-button switches
MSRP - $52

The 3AA ProPolymer Dualie is made of a shock-resistant, antistatic, nonconductive, and lightweight polymer and is finished in high-visibility florescent yellow. As easy as it may be to find in a dark bag or smoky room, its real strength is its triple-use lighting. It has two activation switches that operate its primary 140-lumen spotlight and 140-lumen secondary floodlight independently. If you need more light, the two LEDs can be activated at the same time giving you access to double the light.

Pros: Dual-light options, one-handed operation

Cons: It can roll off surfaces due to no flat edges

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June 23, 2016  ::  By Offgrid Staff


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