Let's think about the times that we've suddenly and unexpectedly needed a flashlight. For many of us, the last blackout we experienced probably comes to mind. Blackouts, like emergencies, are almost always a surprise. Whether we find ourselves in the dark due to an overloaded circuit breaker or a much greater disaster, being able to locate a flashlight to assess what's going on becomes an urgent concern.

If you don't happen to have a flashlight in your pocket when darkness descends — how many people keep flashlights in their PJs — how would you quickly find a torch with no electricity?

Yes, our tactically black flashlights may look sexy, but their stealthy color can make them harder to find than a ninja on a nighttime mission. This is where we reach for a brighter alternative, and by brightness we're not talking about lumens. Torches with high-visibility bodies aren't just for construction sites. With their brightly colored housings, they're inherently easy to spot in dim environments or smoke- and dust-filled areas. That's why firefighters use them. Some models even have glow-in-the-dark bodies.

If you need to pack an easy-to-find light source in a go-bag or in your nightstand, consider going with a high-vis flashlight. It could prevent you from scrambling when there's a real crisis or, at the least, save you from stubbing a toe in the middle of the night.

Let's browse six of the latest high-visibility flashlights and see which deserves glowing praise.

High-Visibility Flashlights

  • 5.11 Tactical TPT L2 251

    Make & Model - 5.11 Tactical TPT L2 251
    Max Lumen Output - 251
    Max Runtime - 58.5 hrs. (low mode)
    Overall Length - 5.25 in.
    Weight with Batteries - 3 oz.
    Battery Type - 2 CR123A (included)
    Controls - Tail-cap switch; light press for momentary, twist for constant on.
    MSRP - $45
    URL - http://www.511tactical.com

    5.11's TPT L2 251 has a square-shaped head that prevents it from inadvertent rolling and is built from water- and impact-resistant polymer composite for maximum durability.

  • LED Lenser D14

    Make & Model - LED Lenser D14
    Max Lumen Output - 135
    Max Runtime - 15 hrs.
    Overall Length - 6.3 in.
    Weight with Batteries - 7.8 oz.
    Battery Type - AA (four, included)
    Controls - three-position constant on selector switch
    MSRP - $70
    URL - http://www.ledlenserusa.com

    Originally developed for underwater use, the bright yellow D14 is equipped with a unique cooling system that allows it to be operated on land as well in the depths of the sea.

  • Nightstick NSP-2422R

    Make & Model - Nightstick NSP-2422R
    Max Lumen Output - 130
    Max Runtime - 10.5 hrs.
    Overall Length - 7 in.
    Weight with Batteries - 6.4 oz.
    Battery Type - AA (three, included)
    Controls - Dual constant on/momentary side push-button switches
    MSRP - $23
    URL - http://www.baycoproducts.com

    Finished in safety orange, the NSP-2422R is a dual-light flashlight that not only has a long throw spotlight, but a wide view floodlight as well.

  • Pelican SabreLight 2010PL

    Make & Pelican - SabreLight 2010PL
    Max Lumen Output - 161
    Max Runtime - 22 hrs.
    Overall Length - 8.11 in.
    Weight with Batteries - 13.4 oz.
    Battery Type - C (three, not included)
    Controls - Bezel activated, twist to turn on and off
    MSRP - $86
    URL - http://www.pelican.com

    Even quicker to spot than its neon-yellow-colored body, the 2010PL is outfitted with a photo luminescent bezel shroud that allows it to glow brightly in the dark.

  • Streamlight 3AA ProPolymer Dualie

    Make & Model - Streamlight 3AA ProPolymer Dualie
    Max Lumen Output - 140
    Max Runtime - 18 hrs.
    Overall Length - 7 in.
    Weight with Batteries - 6.8 oz.
    Battery Type - AA (three, included)
    Controls - Dual Constant on/momentary side push-button switches
    MSRP - $52
    URL - http://www.streamlight.com

    The 3AA ProPolymer Dualie is made of a shock-resistant, antistatic, nonconductive, and lightweight polymer and is finished in high-visibility florescent yellow.

  • Surefire G2X Pro

    Make & Model - SureFire G2X Pro
    Max Lumen Output - 320
    Max Runtime - 45 hrs. (low mode)
    Overall Length - 5.2 in.
    Weight with Batteries - 4.4 oz.
    Battery Type - CR123A (two, included)
    Controls - Tail-cap switch; light press for momentary, click for constant on.
    MSRP - $70
    URL - http://www.surefire.com

    This school-bus yellow version of the G2X Pro might be the brightest-colored SureFire flashlight that we've seen yet.

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