Make & Model - Topsense Pencil Torch
Dimensions - 6.5 by 1.1 by 0.7 inches
Weight - 2.1 ounces (including fuel)
MSRP - $12

We found the Topsense torch on Amazon, and its slim design caught our eye. It's about the same dimensions as a flashlight, and we noticed it fits snugly into the webbing loops on MOLLE-compatible gear. To ignite this torch, set the red flame intensity slider to the jet position, push the black butane switch to “ON,” and click the button on the tail. This results in a 1.5-inch blue flame; moving the red slider allows on-the-fly adjustment between a focused jet and a softer orange flame. A second recessed slider provides flame size adjustment, allowing the user to fine-tune the both the focus and power of the output. All these features are handy, but the placement of the ignition button away from the other controls is less than ideal. A miniature kickstand allows the torch to be turned on and positioned on a bench or table for hands-free use.

– Dual adjustment sliders give the user precise control of flame size and intensity
– Flip-out stand allows for continuous hands-free use
– Conveniently fits into MOLLE webbing or flashlight-sized pockets for easy storage

– Inconvenient placement of ignition button makes one-handed use difficult
– Rough and uneven seams on molded plastic body indicate poor build quality
– To produce a soft orange flame, the torch must be lit in jet mode and adjusted while burning

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