Make & Model - UCO Stormproof Torch & Bottle Opener
Dimensions - 4.5 by 1.8 by 1.1 inches
Weight - 3.3 ounces (including fuel)
MSRP - $20

Two versions of this torch are available; each is contained in a hard plastic case with a waterproof silicone cap and small carabiner. This version includes a bottle opener feature, while the other model is wrapped in 3 feet of duct tape. We'd recommend choosing the former and wrapping it in your preferred brand of tape for the best of both worlds. The torch can also be removed from its case and carried separately if you prefer (there's even a lanyard loop for this purpose). Filling the torch with butane and pressing the activation button flips open a spring-loaded cover and produces three jets of blue flame. This action is fluid and satisfying, like clicking a ballpoint pen, and we found it to ignite reliably as long as the flame-adjustment dial was set above the halfway mark.

– Powerful triple-jet flame with strong wind-resistance
– Push-button flips up the protective cover, starts the flow of gas, and ignites the torch in one smooth motion
– Clear torch body makes it easy to monitor the butane level

– Waterproof case adds bulk to an otherwise compact torch
– Flame-adjustment dial must be set to 50-percent or greater flow for the torch to ignite

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