In the ever-evolving world of survival and preparedness, the wisdom of experience often provides the most valuable insights. For this reason, we've tapped into our community of avid readers as a resource for survival knowledge, and are sharing tips that stand out for their simplicity and effectiveness.  This Readers' Survival Tip comes all the way from Southeast Asia, and is a great reminder of how many resources are out there during emergency situations.

Readers Bio

  • Name/Alias: Thaiger_Wa
  • Location: Thailand
  • Age: 53

Thaiger_Wa's Survival Tip

When you are lost in the jungle in a tropical area, finding a place to shelter is a priority. But more importantly, water. If you can't find an open water source, a plant that can help you is the bamboo tree. Bamboo trees are very useful. It can give water from its joints. Its shoots can be cooked and eaten. Its stem can be made into many useful things such as weapons, traps, shelter, and fuel. Moreover, that the worms that live in the joints of bamboo plants are a good source of protein. Do some research on the internet and you will find much more on how bamboo keeps you alive!


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