In the ever-evolving world of survival and preparedness, the wisdom of experience often provides the most valuable insights. For this reason, we've tapped into our community of avid readers as a resource for survival knowledge, and are sharing tips that stand out for their simplicity and effectiveness.  This Readers' Survival Tip comes from the east coast of the United States, and discusses escaping restraints.

Readers' Bio

Name/Alias: Superesse

Location: North Carolina

Age: 18+

Hand drawn sketch of how to hold your hands if you are being restrained with zip ties. This photo was submitted for the readers survival tips column.

Superesse's Survival Tip

Hip Pocket Brief: Escape Common Restraints

BLUF: Defeat most duct tape (DT), ziptie (ZT), and rope-tied (RT) restraints using simple techniques and no special tools.

Positioning while being restrained – If being DT or ZT, lean forward, tuck elbows and forearms together, and present closed fists. If being RT, keep wrists as far apart as allowable, spread elbows out, palms open and parallel to the ground, in an upside V shape or together. For DT/ZT you want the restraint tight, for RT you want it loose.

Defeating restraint – When the opportunity presents itself, attempt escape. For DT/ZT raise your hands above your head then in a swift/forceful motion, drive your arms down and to the side past your hips (in a motion such as elbowing someone behind you). The motion must carry through as far behind you as you can. For DT, each subsequent attempt may make the break more difficult as DT will fold/lip and increase durability. For ZT, before attempting break, rotate the lock square to where your palms meet. For RT, put your forearms/palms together and forward in front slightly tilted down, alternatively shimmy arms back and forth until rope slides off (such as the friction motion made with hands when you're cold).

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