Electronic circuit boards are one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century. These microscopic networks of conductive pathways transmit millions of energy pulses in the blink of an eye. However, there's one common substance that can bring this brilliant electronic ballet to a grinding halt: water.

Even a single drop of moisture has the power to corrode and short out components, leading to malfunctions or total failure. If you've ever spilled coffee on your laptop or dropped your smartphone in the porcelain throne, you know firsthand the vulnerability of these devices.

Flashlights are at a higher risk than other electronics, as they're frequently used in circumstances where moisture is present. As a result, many flashlights are rated as water-resistant, meaning they can withstand splashes and spills. Truly waterproof flashlights, however, are held to a much higher standard of waterproofosity. These lights must continue to operate normally while completely immersed in water.

Read on for our thoughts on seven of the latest waterproof flashlights, and find out which can keep shining brightly — come hell or high water.

Waterproof Flashlights

  • Fenix PD35 Tactical

    Make & Model - Fenix PD35 Tactical
    Max Lumen Output - 1,000
    Max Runtime - 140 hrs.
    Overall Length - 5.5 in.
    Weight with Batteries - 4.8 oz.
    Battery Type - Rechargeable 18650 (one, not included) or CR123 (two, not included)
    Controls - Push-button tail cap, side mode selector button
    Output Modes - Turbo, high, medium, low, eco, strobe
    Waterproof Rating - 2-meter immersion
    MSRP - $72
    URL - http://www.fenixlight.com

    The PD35 TAC features sturdy construction, strong waterproofing, and an intense 1,000-lumen output.

  • Foursevens Quark Smart QS2L-X

    Make & Model - Foursevens Quark Smart QS2L-X
    Max Lumen Output - 950
    Max Runtime - 456 hrs.
    Overall Length - 4.8 in.
    Weight with Batteries - 3 oz.
    Battery Type - CR123 (two, included)
    Controls - Push-button tail cap (momentary only) and side button, customizable via Foursevens Smart Flashlights iPhone/iPad App
    Output Modes - High, medium, low, moonlight, strobe, SOS, beacon high, beacon low
    Waterproof Rating - 3-meter immersion
    MSRP: - $75
    URL - http://www.foursevens.com

    To say the Quark Smart is high-tech would be an understatement.

  • LED Lenser F1

    Make & Model - LED Lenser F1
    Max Lumen Output - 400
    Max Runtime - 3.5 hrs.
    Overall Length - 3.5 in.
    Weight with Batteries - 2.5 oz.
    Battery Type - CR123 (one, included)
    Controls - Push-button tail cap
    Output Modes - High, low, strobe
    Waterproof Rating - 2.5-meter immersion
    MSRP - $80
    URL - http://www.ledlenserusa.com

    The F1 is the little brother to the F1R we tested back in Issue 10, and it runs on a single CR123 instead of the F1R's larger 18650 battery.

  • Olight R50 Seeker

    Make & Model - Olight R50 Seeker
    Max Lumen Output - 2,500
    Max Runtime - 50 hrs.
    Overall Length - 5.2 in.
    Weight with Batteries - 9.1 oz.
    Battery Type - Rechargeable 26650 (one, included)
    Controls - Side push-button with lockout mode
    Output Modes - Turbo, high, medium, low, strobe
    Waterproof Rating - 2-meter immersion
    MSRP - $120
    URL - http://www.olightworld.com

    The R50 Seeker packs a serious 2,500-lumen punch. That's more than double the output of its predecessor, the R40, and far more than the other lights we tested.

  • Pelican Nemo 1960 LED

    Make & Model - Pelican Nemo 1960 LED
    Max Lumen Output - 34
    Max Runtime - 3.5 hrs.
    Overall Length - 5.5 in.
    Weight with Batteries - 1.9 oz.
    Battery Type - AAA (two, included)
    Controls - Twist-on shroud
    Output Modes - N/A
    Waterproof Rating - 100-meter immersion
    MSRP - $24
    URL - http://www.pelican.com

    The Nemo 1960 really shines underwater, if you'll forgive the pun.

  • Secur SP-1002

    Make & Model - Secur SP-1002
    Max Lumen Output - 8
    Max Runtime - 8 hrs.
    Overall Length - 6 in.
    Weight with Batteries - 6.1 oz.
    Battery Type - Built-in rechargeable
    Controls - Push-button switch
    Output Modes - High, low, flashing
    Waterproof Rating - 13.7-meter immersion
    MSRP - $23
    URL - http://www.securproducts.com

    This is a rechargeable flashlight, but not in the sense you might expect.

  • Streamlight ProTac HL

    Make & Model - Streamlight ProTac HL
    Max Lumen Output - 750
    Max Runtime - 18 hrs.
    Overall Length - 5.4 in.
    Weight with Batteries - 5.9 oz.
    Battery Type - CR123 (two, included)
    Controls - Push-button switch with on-off and momentary modes
    Output Modes - High, low, strobe
    Waterproof Rating - 1-meter immersion for up to 30 minutes
    MSRP - $135
    URL - http://www.streamlight.com

    This light produces 750 lumens and runs on two CR123 batteries.

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